Usage instructions Fito Spray

How to use the spray? Sprayed in the mouth with two clicks. In the vial may be precipitate, but the quality of the drug does not affect. As you can see, use preparation is a snap. Take the tool, click on the bottle, the gel gets into the mouth. It works as follows: the mouth refreshed for a long time. But this is not the most important thing. You will feel that your appetite is not so "zealous", appears the feeling of satiety. The saliva starts to be allocated in smaller quantities. The people who took the gel on the arms, you know that green coffee that is part of the drug Fito Spray for weight loss works wonders. The person becomes more energetic, it increases the tone, he begins to enjoy life, and most importantly, eat a lot less. Want to impress everyone with his chiseled figure – buy the spray and use it regularly.

Indications for use

Apply Phyto spray should be the case if you:


Despite the fact that all the ingredients are natural, but Fito Spray is contraindicated to apply for some categories of persons: